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- Resilience
- Time Management
- 21st Century Leadership
- Coaching Performance
- Self-Motivation
- Team Building
- Cultural Awareness
- Sales Performance
- Stress Management
- Delivering the winning presentation

- The Full Monty!

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Creating Maximum Impact

"There are always three speeches for every one you actually gave. The one you practiced, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave!” (Dale Carnegie)

Session content:

Successful presenters capture the imagination of their audience through their passion and they establish trust by communicating their integrity. Their positive energy influences the decisions and behaviour of their audience, and successful presenters remain an essential component of any organisation, which seeks progress and growth.


• How do you prepare an engaging presentation?

• How do you deliver an engaging presentation, which mobilises your audience to take action?

• How do you 'manage your state', so that you are in control of your nerves?

• Does the use of PowerPoint, hinder or aid an engaging presentation?

• How do you handle the 'awkward' questions, which the audience may ask you?

Learning outcomes for participants:

1. Participants will explore 5 key themes, which enhance the content of presentations.

2. Participants will learn the 7-step process for preparing and delivering a well-crafted presentation.

3. Participants will understand the pitfalls and advantages of using PowerPoint.

4. Participants will learn how to maximise their personal impact.

5. Participants will learn how to 'manage their nerves'.

6. Participants will learn how to respond effectively to awkward 'post-presentation' questions posed by members of the audience.

7. Participants will prepare, deliver, record and critique their own "mini" presentations as part of the session, in order to identify areas for personal development.

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